Monday, October 25, 2004

Hunting for the Truth

Hunter S. Thomson has written an excellent Tell-It-Like-It-Is in Rolling Stone about the election:

"The question this year is not whether President Bush is acting more and more like the head of a fascist government but if the American people want it that way. "

One of my recent mantras has been that it is true, but too easy, to blame all the faults of George W. on just the man himself. The important thing is the people of this country who now have a glaring spotlight shining upon them as they will go in a week and a day to decide whether to return a dangerous man back to the ranch were he cannot inflict so much harm on us and the rest of the world. We must put John F. Kerry in the White House to begin to heal and grow as a people.

Good people, people of principles must vote on November 2, and they must make sure their friends and family vote.


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