Monday, October 25, 2004

President Gore

Rex Wockner interjects a point that is getting very little play leading up to this election:

"We never elected Bush in the first place. Al Gore got more votes. That's a fact. Florida cheated. Then the U.S. Supreme Court halted the processes that would have proved Florida cheated, leaving Bush the "winner" of the "electoral vote" though not the actual vote."

Under the law as it was and is written, Al Gore not only won the popular vote nationwide, but also the legal majority vote in Florida, which under the law of the land should have resulted in a move to Pennsylvania Avenue. Florida law, which the Constitution of the United States empowers to determine the state's electoral vote states that votes are valid under law if they express the "clear intent of the voter." George Bush was awarded the state by an arbitrary, made-up margin of 537 votes. Many thousands of legal votes for Al Gore were never counted. Far more voters than needed to produce a margin of victory for Gore marked their ballots on the Gore line, and wrote "Lieberman" onto the ballot also. Many of these were Jewish voters proud to vote for Lieberman for vice-president along with Gore for president. These were discarded as "over-votes" -- i.e. invalid supposedly because of voting for more than one candidate. I dare any rational person to tell me that these ballots did not express the "clear intent" of the voter. They were true legal votes, and Al Gore won Florida and was legally elected President of the United States.
I suppose that Democrats are not discussing this because it probably doesn't "focus-group" well. It is hard for Americans to accept that a tyrant illegally seized control of the Presidency of the United States in what was indeed a coup d'etat in America. It is easier for many to go to sleep at night viewing the Dems as 2000's Sore-Loserman rather than think their freedom and security are in the hands of our Commander-In-Thief. Those who can handle the truth should be energized above and beyond ever before to correct the near-fatal blow to our democracy which occurred in November 2000, and make sure it is fixed in November 2004.


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