Friday, April 15, 2005

Joe Must Go

houndcat reports from DailyKos:

"Time continues to slip away for fantasy candidates like Attorney General Blumenthal or whoever else progressives want to see come riding to the rescue. John Orman remains the ONLY Democrat with the courage to take on Joe Lieberman. He deserves our support."

I'm completely unfamiliar with Dr. Orman, but Joe MUST Go.

John Orman has formed an exploratory committee to replace DINO (Democrat in Name Only) Joe in the 2006 Connecticut U.S. Senate race.

I'm going to email this candidate to ask about whether he supports equal marriage rights and where I can get more info. I'll report back.

Oh, and I don't want Blumenthal riding to my rescue. He's not pro-equality, and I really don't think he would come off so well as a candidate in a big race anyway.


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