Tuesday, April 12, 2005


We are grateful for our outstanding State Representative Evelyn Mantilla, 4th Assembly District, Hartford, who is also our Deputy Majority Leader in Connecticut.

Here's Rep. Mantilla's response to me about voting against attaching a DOMA to the pending Civil Unions legislation in CT (S.B. 963):

"Thanks for contacting me on this important issue. As a strong supporter of marriage equality, and an openly-gay legislator myself, you can count on me to fight against any and all DOMA language in our state. Marriage equality is the only true equality. Thanks again - Rep. Evelyn Mantilla"

We need many more principled legislators like this.

I also heard reported on NPR this morning that former State Senate Majority Leader George Jepson has formed an exploratory committee to pursue the office of Attorney General in CT. I'll get onto trying to find out where he is now on marriage equality. I am very uncomfortable with the glee I perceive from our current Atty. Gen. (Dick) Blumenthal as he fights against marriage equality in the courts of CT.


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