Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Climate Change Acceleration Begins

It's unfortunately clear that we will experience huge consequences of global warming due to human carbon dioxide emissions before corrective action is taken. And the effect will be continuing and irreversible for centuries at least. "Runaway global warming" will take hold in the near future with melting ice increasing water vapor in the atmosphere. Water vapor is another leading greenhouse gas along with carbon dioxide. The increased water vapor will cause more warming, which will melt more ice, and cause accelerating increases in water vapor and warming. And this, along with continuing increases in carbon dioxide emissions will result in horrific, dramatic effects, which will happen more and more quickly, and spiraling further and further out of our control.

Sky News is reporting that the snow on top of Kilimanjaro has melted for the first time in 11,000 years and "15 years sooner than ... predicted":,,30200-13311579,00.html

The Bush administration's refusal to cooperate with efforts to control global warming ought to be considered internationally criminal. It is "last call" now for everyone of conscience to speak and act on this issue. Very soon, even the people without conscience will be cooperating to save their own hides from dangerously destructive climate effects.


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