Monday, January 17, 2005

With friends like Bush, who needs enemies?

Andrew Sullivan thanks Bush for pragmatically declaring that the FMA (the anti-gay-marriage Constitutional Amendment) will not pass the U.S. Senate before DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) is declared unconstitutional.
Andrew then caves to the threat: "We should refrain from any constitutional or legal challenge to DOMA for the foreseeable future (something I've urged for a long time now). We should also refrain from any attempt to force any state to recognize a gay marriage from another state[.]"
I think this is a clear example of why we have such slow and painful progress with same-sex marriage rights, when the popular support for such rights is higher now than the support for inter-racial marriage was when it was legalized nationally in 1967.
The opponents of equal marriage rights almost always speak as if from strong moral convictions that cannot be compromised for political expediency. Supporters, meanwhile, wring their hands in closed-door meetings with legislators about what morsels and time-frames are acceptable to the politicians.
Until we settle on a clear message that marriage discrimination is WRONG, progress will be very difficult.


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