Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Kerry Endorsement

A formality?
I wish I lived in a country in which one week before election day I would be writing my endorsement of Carol Mosley-Braun, Denis Kucinich, or Al Sharpton for President of the United States. God bless them for running and telling the truth; they are profits who will serve as models for the statesmen of our children.
In this country, however, John F. Kerry is my first choice for President, and I extend my official endorsement to this candidate.
I will not enter the voting booth in a week to vote against a tyrant. Such an act would grant a sad man more dignity than he deserves. Anyone who faults Kerry for lack of principles, complicity with war, or any other of the deadly sins of the liberal is someone who has managed by some secret devices not to live in the same America as I have for the past four years.
A candidate noticeably more liberal than Kerry would hold better odds of an open-ended vacation to Guantanamo than the election to the highest office of the land. This is indeed a profound problem in our civilization which we must not ignore. As a cultural definition, "liberal" has become equated to "traitor" and "weak," while conservative has been accepted to mean "principled" and "strong."
For this to have become our national near-consensus casts a deep, dark shadow of blame upon several groups of Americans.
I charge in the first count, the conservatives. Ignorance of the law is no defense. The law greater than any made by man or nation is Love. Their purpose is wrong and unjust, and their means inhuman and immoral.
I charge in the second count, the "liberals," the hippies, the intellectuals, and to keep the list short, anyone who knows better. We blew it in 1969 because the Summer of Love never needed to end.
Next Tuesday, I have the privilege of voting for John F. Kerry whose strength, courage, and principles will lead us to a better future. Let every one of us vote next week, elect Kerry President, live each day of our lives in the ideals we wish for, and next round we may have earned an even better candidate.


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