Wednesday, February 02, 2005

HEY!!! I needed that part!

The brutal genital mutilation must stop:

Now, I'm a Catholic, and I'm not afraid to say the Church is gravely, morally wrong in its condemnation of condoms, anti-gay stances, or discrimination against ordination of women.
And fundamentalist Judaism is outrageously wrong in their performing genital mutilation on male babies.

And what about the ridiculous routine circumcision that continues in the U.S., by doctors, for no reason, even for non-Jewish babies? They don't do this in Europe, and they're just fine.

Decades ago, American wacko Harvey Kellogg figured that the reduced pleasure males would experience after circumcision would decrease the problem of (sinful) autoeroticism. He spread this gospel with great success, to the detriment of millions of unfortunate males in this country.

It's time for this to stop. America needs to stop this desire to freeze itself in the 19th Century, while Europe advances their civilization into a much more graceful, prosperous, and happy 21st Century.


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