Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Karl Rove: Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, Valerie Plame

Karl Rove should indeed be fired for his role in "outing" Valerie Plame in an act of political retribution designed to silence all Bush critics.

I've also dug up a good article by William Hare which includes discussion of Rove's role in massive vote fraud which has led to Republicans incorrectly being declared victors in the last three national elections:

Too little has been written thus far about what had to be a major element of Karl Rove's current [2004 presidential election] theft, not allowing a repeat of 2000, when, through the Supreme Court stopping the Florida vote recount, Bush "won" in the Electoral College while losing the popular vote to Al Gore. Rove set the stage for the vote theft by announcing his target of four million new voters from the Christian evangelical ranks...

The fact that Bush not only swept the south, but did so in such devastating fashion, is contrary to many poll findings, including normally reliable state polling organizations. Adding votes to the Bush total from his strongest region, where such figures were not as likely to be challenged as in other regions, would be a way of padding the Republican candidate'’s total...

What is needed is a comprehensive national recount and analysis. Greg Palast has committed himself to such an effort. So has Bev Harris of the Black Box Voting site. The Green and Libertarian parties are to be commended for their efforts in seeking an Ohio recount, as is Nader for supporting such an effort in New Hampshire.

For barring the elected Presidents Al Gore and John Kerry from entering the White House, Rove must be prosecuted and jailed.

But for now, the centrist is just petitioning his removal from office... sign their petition here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Concert Civil Liberties and Bare Feet

An indoor concert venue/nightclub I went to last Friday, whose name I won't promote here, is conducting itself unacceptably.

Security removed people from the crowd for dancing . They also digitally photograph both your face and your driver's license (to pass along to the FBI?) when you enter. Staff also confiscated a beach ball and badmouthed the band.

We need to find and promote venues where bare feet are ok and civil liberties are respected. If you know any, drop a comment.

I'll start the GOOD list with a place that seemed comfortable last time I was there and people were barefoot:

Iron Horse Music Hall North Hampton, MA

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