Friday, June 30, 2006

Independence from Empire

As we celebrate the "holiday" weekend, I wanted to note that the revolt we are commemorating was a battle of the people for liberty and freedom from an empire which had lost touch.

Today, there is a new Empire which dominates our people and has lost touch. We must battle this one with peace and love, always non-violent; the last revolution failed in part because it was bloody one. Ours will succeed if we make Love, not war, and Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out. Remember: Don't Feed the Capitalists!

I hope that this weekend, you will salute not the flag of the Empire, but instead one like this:

peace symbol

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hurricane Severity Due to Climate Change reports: "Global warming, and not natural variations in ocean temperature, provided most of the fuel for last year's unusually strong hurricane season, scientists said this week."

It is likely to get worse rapidly. We seem to be entering a period of accelerating heating due to feedback cycles that may not be stoppable even if we were able to radically reduce CO2 emissions today. Even if we cannot stop disastrous consequences any longer, the severity of the problem is still in play. Any further delays in this issue gaining major traction as a global emergency will have dire repercussions that are beyond our ability to imagine.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Global Warming Emergency NOW

The Sydney Morning Herald, among many news sources, reports:

The Earth is the hottest it has been in at least four centuries and perhaps in thousands of years.

The US National Academy of Sciences reached that conclusion in a broad review of scientific work requested by the US Congress.

In a report released on Friday it found the "recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia."

And you can rely on me to keep you posted on the Pensacola, FL water temperature; the current temp in the GOM at Pensacola is 89.4 F. The average June temp is 84 F, and the warmest average month is August at 86 F. Let me repeat: It is now 89.4 F. Warmer water makes bigger, more dangerous hurricanes.

Global warming is not someday. It is now. We are in an unprecedented disaster.

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Bare Feet Safer

I noticed a search engine query hit to the blog on "Is going barefoot dangerous?"

I wanted to pass along personal experience that I have been going barefoot as often as possible for a couple of years now without any injury or problem, just more comfort and freedom. It is safe and healthy. I have had injuries from shoes, but never from going barefoot.

Also, the Society for Barefoot Living has some great info for questions like that here.

Here are some other recent queries and keywords related to going barefoot:

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gaza Update

Update 16:35 EST - "Syria says it chased Israeli warplanes out of its airspace Wednesday after what it called a "hostile and provocative act," Syrian state television reported Wednesday." "Israel's PM warns of "extreme action" to free a captured soldier as troops enter Gaza and air strikes are launched."

| (WEDNESDAY 6/28)

Update 19:36 EST - Vital Perspective: "Fox News reports... troops on the southern border of Gaza... are now moving north into the area under the cover of night with the electricity having been knocked out and transportation infrastructes destroyed."

Update 19:18 EST - Israel Matzav: "Some 2,500 Egyptian border guards were deployed in the Rafah area on Monday... to prevent 'Palestinians' running away... into Egypt."

Update 19:02 EST - Vital Perspective: "AP reports that the Palestinian Authority says the IAF hit power stations in Gaza City, knocking out electricity." (Multiple confirmations).

Update 18:28 EST - BBC News: "Israel's military has attacked three bridges in Gaza amid heightened tension over the capture of an Israeli soldier."
Three bridges.

18:10 EST - is reporting: "Israeli planes attacked a bridge in central Gaza late Tuesday, Israel Radio reported, and Israeli tanks were said to be on the move, possibly signaling the start of a military operation."

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BlogAsheville Awards

Ryvr Scrawl had been nominated in two categories in "The First Annual BlogAsheville Awards."

- Least Likely to Make Money by Blogging
- Least Likely to Care About Traffic

Modern Peasant ultimately took the winning spot in both those categories!

War is Not the Solution

The headline reads: Israeli troops mass on Gaza border
'Strike will come,' Cabinet minister warns

This appears to be a dangerous situation that may result in unacceptable bloodshed and pain for both sides. Deep breathing and caution are what is needed. Peace is every step.

*** More soon. Depending on the direction this goes, I may try to blog it somewhat continuously for a while. ***

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