Thursday, September 01, 2005

American Fascism Advancing Fast

My email to the American Civil Liberties Union:

You are betraying the people by complying with the unconstitutional gag order under the Patriot Act. Who is your library records client in ACLU v Gonzales? Please tell us immediately or change your name to Union to Protect the Fascists (UPF).

The government is seizing library records of individuals who oppose the unelected president [sic] George Bush or his illegal war. The Department of Homeland Security has pulled own my credit report, and I hear beeps on my telephone line that sounds like tapping.

If the ACLU is no longer protecting our liberties, we citizens had better be getting on the ball; I'm not sure how we can dig, pursue, and find out the truth here, but if we do not, those of us who do not wish to live in a radical fascist country will need to move and find another nation of residence.


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