Saturday, March 25, 2006

Theological Treatise (En bref)

I'm gonna tell a BIG secret. I can't tell you why I'm tellin' it, but I'm tellin' it. And know truthfully that there's a Holy Rosary wrapped around my hand right now as I write this. But Lo, it is still and surely your left-wing wacko ** Ryvr ** who loves all the other people far faster than the people who say, "Ha, I have many jewels!"

The Secret ***IS***: Look around you; look at you. This all has meaning. And VERY, Very Good meaning. Wanna disagree with me? O.k. Go Ahead. But as for me, I would rather live a beautiful lie, than die an ugly death.

So immediately, this moment! Embrace yourself, embrace the person next to you, and (deep breath) EMBRACE GOD. Now that you're shocked ... realize that a supremely meaniful quest offered to you is to find a place for the idea "God" that you feel at one with. "At One"-Ment = Atonement.

For many liberals and intellectuals, "God" the word is dead or never existed. But God=Love, God=Truth,God="This means something and Right will win" are what "liberals" are all about.

So the secret is: Be as good as you can be (and keep trying better), Good Will Win, and YOU are a Child of God.


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