Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Great for Apes?

"The bonobos will be able to cook in their own kitchen, tap vending machines for snacks, go for walks in the woods and communicate with researchers through computer touchscreens. The decor in their 18-room home includes an indoor waterfall and climbing areas 30 feet high.

...the bonobos can see visitors who ring the doorbell -- and will be able to choose through a computer touchscreen who will be permitted into a secured viewing area.

"Only if they want to open the door can you enter," Savage-Rumbaugh said."


While giving them rights, respect, and autonomy, this project is aimed at seeing to what extent these apes will choose to live and communicate like humans, given this kind of setting.

My boyfriend perhaps opposes this kind of thing because we are taking the apes out of their natural jungle habitat. My response to him was that I saw his point, but since no one is even considering trying to get us humans back into the jungle, I don't see why the apes should be so lucky to live in such natural paradise that we ourselves are denied.

Speaking of the vending machines and our whole way a life, Dr. Savage-Rumbaugh gives a wonderful quote, "Those are things that we have created, and create anew and build upon from one generation to the next ..." she said. "Then we have the power to change it and make it any other way. We could have an ideal world, if we but learn how to do it."

But if we really started discussing working towards an ideal world, the Capitalists in their suits and ties would not preserve their profit-driven Oligarch system for long. So they try to stop us. Let's keep thinking and dreaming and talking.


Blogger natali said...

I found this article earlier today. I think it's fascinating. Are you fascinating?

6:22 PM  
Blogger Ryvr said...

Haha, guess I need to work on my writing more if you're asking me if I'm fascinating rather than telling me so.
Peace - Ryvr

6:15 PM  

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