Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We Don't Want His Dirty War

"President Bush is using the first anniversary of Iraq's sovereignty [sic] to try to ease Americans' doubts about the mission and outline a winning strategy for a violent conflict that has cost the lives of more than 1,740 U.S. troops and has no end in sight."

We MUST clearly and loudly call for an end to this war NOW. I am even sickened by the idea of ending Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell. Equal rights? To get sent to die in a pointless war?? Better to get married.

American boys and Iraqi women and children are dying by the scores for no reason.

Please take a moment to look at your hands. I am looking at mine. We may not see the blood, but it is there because we have failed to speak up effectively to stop this madness. Please join me in making a commitment right now to do something every day to restore Peace; let's write our representatives, march, rally, talk to our families and friends, and believe in ourselves that we are truly beautiful people who are capable of opposing this dirty war just like they did for Vietnam.


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