Friday, April 22, 2005

Fill it, Buster!

Now, it's not that I want the Dems to lose the right to protect us from obnoxious and hate-filled judicial nominees through filibuster... but part of me certainly says, if this nation wants to vote Republican, let them have their Repuke government and judges.

The young and talented people of this country will eventually leave. You see, there are civilized people elsewhere on the planet that we can join.

At first, they'll yell, "Yeeeee haw, they're gone! No more Evil-ution! Now we can stay dumn bigots forever and never eeeevolve into human be-ins."

But soon... "Awww shucks, I kinda miss them folks that was tryin to help us make our lifes better."

They'll beg us back... and not only will they let us marry the person we love... they'll even offer to let us marry the goat.

Then I can say, "No thanks! See I really WASN'T lying when I said I DON'T want to marry the GOAT!"


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