Friday, September 02, 2005

Bush: Let Them Eat Gumbo Cake

I don't think decent people want to politicize a horrific natural disaster, but how can we not observe how inept Bush's Katrina response has been and continues to be, prolonging and exacerbating the death and suffering.

Irish Trojan (from what I can tell, an absolute hard-core political moderate) gives a fair evaluation:

the aftermath of Katrina is quickly becoming an abject political disaster for the Bush Administration ... if the feds don't get this turned around very, very soon -- like, today -- I think the political ramifications may be staggering and far-reaching. The public does not easily forgive a government's perceived failure in a crisis, nor should they (assuming the perception is accurate). Like graffiti carved into the wet concrete of a newly paved sidewalk, the perception that the government failed the victims of Katrina will be almost impossible to alter once it has hardened, and I sense that it is hardening very fast.

And Boing Boing is reporting that:

FEMA points Katrina aid $ to Pat "kill Hugo Chavez!" Robertson

The only way Bush's people do anything "right" is not in the sense of correct, but only a political "right" (wing) which to them is all about anti-poor, anti-gay, anti-freedom, anti-peace...


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