Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wikipedia Offline

Wikipedia has been offline for some time today, and I am hoping to be able to report more info soon as to why or when it will be back up. I'll keep trying to find out. It is intersting to think about all the students with research papers due Monday morning among millions of other information seekers who must be in a huge jam right now. (21:00 EST).

Updates to come as I find out more information.

Update 21:06 EST - The front page is now showing, but searches still do not work.

Update 21:15 EST - Searches appear to be working and the site appears to be up and functioning. Apparently it was down for about 4 hours.

Update 21:27 EST - While some areas of the site are still having problems, Wikipedia is up and running. According to the Server Admin Log there were apparently problems associated with a mySQL install, and servers not booting or registering DNS properly.

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