Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This is the Dawning of the...

Ok, I can't not blog about this...

For some reason, no one told me about a profoundly groundbreaking movie that seems to present ideas which are similar to what some of us have identified as the basis for the growth into the new Age of Aquarius, and they use good science, logic, and spiritual ideas that make excellent sense, and are quite inspiring.

The movie is What the Bleep Do We Know?

Basically what they are saying is (and forgive me that I cannot be ultra-concise) that similar to how we once discarded ideas that the Earth was the center of the Universe, we now have enough scientific and experiential/spiritual ideas to rediscover the role of self or consciousness in the world in a way that can bring each of us and our whole civilization to a great new freedom and happiness. It is clear that reality is not a simple, solid external thing that we must suffer or enjoy as the case may be, but rather reality is something that we create both through our perception and our actions. Ironically, it is a movie which powerfully delivers the message that we need to stop living life like we are watching a movie, but instead use our ability to actively create our world for the better from moment to moment. Ultimately, they make a powerful case that the vast majority of people in our civilization are stuck in a mostly sub-conscious state of servitude to a mythical idea of an external world separate from ourselves, but that we all have the power to free ourselves to a more rewarding and true reality where we are in control of much that we thought we weren't.

These things may sound either obvious or useless, or you may reject them for fear that optimism is dangerous. But the movie itself makes the case so effectively that you absolutely have to see it before you could possibly reject these critical thoughts as wrong or of little consequence.


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