Monday, January 09, 2006

Ache Five, End One

H5N1 (Bird Flu) is looking significantly more scary in Turkey than it has before elsewhere.

Revere of Effect Measure reports:

The three Ankara cases (a 60 year old man and two children, aged 2 and 5) as still being reported as "positive" for H5N1 by Turkish authorities. Their father gathered dead birds to turn them in to authorities and the children are said to have handled his gloves. If this is true, this seems like rather casual exposure, lending further weight to the concern that the disease is being transmitted more easily.

We must be vigilant against the negative effect of a possible climate of fear, e.g. additional power grabbing by the war-criminal, self-styled emperor Bush. Nonetheless, there is devastating danger in this virus, and we should all take steps to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.

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Blogger Ken Grandlund said...

Reports also indicate that the flu may NOT be as deadly in all people that come into contact with it. In fact, the reports go on to say that the strain can be less virulent in normally healthy people, especially those who don't play with dead birds in affected countries.

As you say, vigilance is the key. Stay away from dead birds that don't come out of an oven!

4:44 PM  
Blogger Ryvr said...

Your comment is quite sensible and seemingly informed. This is what I like also about revere at - I find his information neither alarmist nor understated.


1:34 PM  

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