Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bare Feet, Freedom, and Peace

There is not much of an awareness in our society right now to address the serious infringement on freedom created by our culture that dictates that going barefoot in many places borders on scandelous.

A Technorati search on "" leads me to find a pronouncent by Dan at Click:

There's a place for everyone online -- even for this friendly group of shoe-shunners.

His Technorati tags for this post are "weird sites," "funny sites," "weird," "funny."

Well, there were times and cultures that felt it necessary for proper people to wear gloves in most public places; I wonder if those who view the shoes-rules as a trivial or correct matter would be comfortable bringing back other traditions of parts of the body we ought to cover for no good reason.

The Society for Barefoot Living explains the significant health benefits and improved comfort that go along with a barefoot lifestyle.

I would add that what makes that an issue that should be treated especially seriously right now is that those who go barefoot will most often connect with the Earth and free their minds in ways that would likely increase support for Peace, Justice, and Equality, and just plain help us with our currently quite difficult task of making the world better.

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