Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Message is the Medium

Zander at Jack Myers Media Village discusses Dan Rather's Monday comments about the rightward, cowardly changes in the corporate media:

it's all about the conglomerates and their stranglehold on news divisions. Right now, there just isn't any support for investigative, hard-hitting journalism -- it's a change in basic philosophy. [T]he media... isn't working for the public... [N]ews divisions can't serve two masters, no matter how cheerfully they spin corporate synergy.

This issue is getting far too little attention.

When Clinton lied, nobody died; impeachment frenzy was whipped up by a corporate media who would benefit from exemption from all taxation under an extremist right-wing successor to Clinton. Now they have that man in office who watches their profits ahead of taking care of the people of this country. This news media is loathe to report the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of their Bush who has lied to the American people and Congress to take us into an illegal war.

While it may be possible to influence the corporate media by "voting with our wallets," the blogosphere provides an excellent alternative to disseminate truth and information.

Please take some time to visit some of the wonderful blogs listed at the Impeach Bush Coalition. They are all working hard to bring you the facts that you will not be likely to obtain from your TV, radio, or newspapers.


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