Thursday, January 19, 2006

My President Too

The lawful former President of the United States of America, legal winner of the 2000 election, Al Gore, has identified George W. Bush as a grave threat to the U.S. constitution, and identified the self-styled emperor's warrentless domestic wiretapping as massively illegal:

As we begin this new year, the Executive Branch of our government has been caught eavesdropping on huge numbers of American citizens and has brazenly declared that it has the unilateral right to continue without regard to the established law enacted by Congress to prevent such abuses...

It is this same disrespect for America'’s Constitution which has now brought our republic to the brink of a dangerous breach in the fabric of the Constitution. And the disrespect embodied in these apparent mass violations of the law is part of a larger pattern of seeming indifference to the Constitution that is deeply troubling to millions of Americans in both political parties...

I call upon Democratic and Republican members of Congress today to uphold your oath of office and defend the Constitution. Stop going along to get along. Start acting like the independent and co-equal branch of government you're supposed to be.

If Al Gore can continue this strength of speaking truth clearly and loudly, he positions himself for my support in any campaign or leadership role to which he might aspire. Al Gore 2008?

The Impeach Bush Coalition has added Al Gore to the long list of impeachement supports.

***Full text of Al Gore's MLK Jr. Day Speach

*** Update 3/3/06
Al Gore may remain a candidate I could support in 2008, while John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have absolutely disqualified themselves with their failure to oppose the renewal of the *un*patriot act. My support going to Gore becomes more difficult also though by my decision to remove the weight of my support from the democratic party.

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