Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It looks very possible that we will truly witness the final unraveling of the capitalist system within the next two years. The brightest minds with the most facts are trying to figure out whether we have already passed peak oil or whether perhaps at the latest it could be this year.

Stephen Corley hits the point in an article in

Alas, the second half now dawns, and will be marked by the decline of oil and all that depends on it, including financial capital.

Capitalism cannot survive without the *growth* of capital, and the outpacing of demand for oil above oil production will immediately cause their system to fail completely.

We are unforgiveably late in discussing how we will transition to a better world. I foresee the possibility of very rewarding tribal living, absent automobiles, telephones, televisions, electricity, etc. But we will need to know how to organize ourselves, govern ourselves, and cooperate effectively.

Wean yourself off worship of the green papers now. They will be torn from you soon.

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