Thursday, March 02, 2006

34: Does He Need More?

"Bush is done for ... You don't recover from 34%." asserts Cenk Uygur at AlterNet, conveying a seemingly self-evident truth.

Meanwhile, "Patriot Act compromise passes Senate, awaits House vote... The 89-10 vote marked a bright spot in President Bush's troubled second term as his approval ratings dipped over the war in Iraq and his administration's response to Hurricane Katrina," reports

So, I wonder, if Bush's approval dropped to 10%, would he get only the support of 65 or so senators for his most obnoxious, liberty-trashing legislation?

Clearly, although Bush is horrendous, the *** 89 *** senators voting to continue stripping us of any semblance of Constitutional rights are not doing this to stand with a popular president.

We must face the fact that we have at least 89 complete fascist senators, at least 35 of whom are democrats. "Broken" is a profound understatement of the condition of this former democracy.